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On the Spot! is a revolutionary mobile application for on-site interpreters developed by ScheduleInterpreter.com, Inc. It can be used in courts, schools, hospitals and by the language service providers.


Manage interpreting jobs with ease

Maintain your schedule, report your availablility, accept and complete the assignments

On the Spot! is easy to use and you can configure it to work the way you like. Use collapsable calendar on small-screen devices to expand your work area in agenda view. Certify your assignments to get pay faster.

ScheduleInterpreter® On the Spot! is designed to help the interpreters to be more mobile, more responsive and more accurate. It creates unique and positive expereince by simplifying collection of information required for billing. 

On the Spot! is availble in Apple App Store, with Android version coming soon. After you install the app, configure your preferred schedule view and agenda selection. You can activate location report to make sure last minute requests are sent to you.

When new requests are populated on the calendar, click on the day with the red color to report your availbility. When enabled, you can click on Accept and Confirm options, to add the assignment to your portfolio of jobs automatically.

On the Spot! is smart and simple. It will help you to record and report your time, mileage, expenses and all other necessary entries, including digital signatures. When you are done, just certify your work and that's it.

Customize interpreting workflow and collect data needed by your customers

On the Spot! offers over 500,000 variants of the workflow and data points configuration required by the client.

Integration with ScheduleInterpreter® ACCOUNT CENTER and ability to utilize global and custom settings greatly improves internal processes and delivers data and reports to the clients.

ACCOUNT CENTER - Create single and per-account standards for data collection and electronic signatures;

DOCUMENT DESIGNER - Integrate On the Spot! into digital documents to ensure your clients continue to recieve paperwork in the format they need; 

CUSTOMIZE EVERY JOB - When your clients require specific documents or reports, configure and use On the Spot! to help your interpreters to collect them.

Artificial Intelligence for LSCs, courts and hospitals

Use machine learning to automate your billing and payroll

ScheduleInterpreter® together with On the Spot! deliver the first and only AI powered QA process based on big data and machine learning specific to your clients, vendors and internal processes.

After you configure On the Spot! to provide your clients the data and reports needed, you can use ScheduleInterpreter® REVIEW CENTER, a quality assurance (QA) stage where all completed assignments are verified.  When assignment is completed using On the Spot!, ScheduleInterpreter® will use Machine Learning (ML)  and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to review it. If assignment exceeds completion accuracy index, a flexible parameter that derives from big data and other factors, including historical events, ScheduleInterpreter® AI will recommend to auto bill and auto pay.  Your accounting team will always have the final say.

Build your own brand with your own app

We understand how critical it is to stand out and be noticed

Make ScheduleInterpreter® On the Spot! your own. ScheduleInterpreter.com, Inc. developers will build and maintain application for your company or organization.

Your own brand

ScheduleInterpreter.com, Inc. built extensive expertise in developing and deploying cloud-based and mobile business solutions for interpreting industry. We can transform On the Spot! into an application to help you build your digital identity with full support of our development team. Select the plan that works for your organization and begin delivering services using your own mobile application. 

Plan Standard Enterprise Ultimate
Apple or Android
Apple & Android
Apple & Android
Release time10 days5 daysSame day
Icon design¹$199.00IncludedIncluded
Splash screen¹$199.00IncludedIncluded
Phone or Tablet
Phone or Tablet
Phone and Tablet
App coverage area
or geo locking¹
one time fee
one time fee
per language¹
$699.00$599.00$ 499.00
Private distribution¹$399.00
one time fee
one time fee
Single account loginIncludedIncludedIncluded
Initiation cost²$1,295.00$1,499.00$1,995.00
Annual fee$995.00$1,095.00$1,295.00

¹ features are optional, fees are paid once, when feature is requested
² Initital cost includes first year fee

Open architecture

On the Spot! can be integrated with third-party products and solutions

Expand your platforms and services by using ScheduleInterpreter® On the Spot! as part of your workflow. Use siConnector to deliver exceptional quality of data collection and processing.

ScheduleInterpreter® has extensive expertise in designing integrated solutions for third-party platforms and applications. On the Spot! is producing well defined and vital information that can be used by language service companies, courts, hospitals and other organizations.  We also invite software companies to partner with ScheduleInterpreter.com, Inc. to deliver standardized data and processes, and continue to improve experiences of the interpreters and streamlining managment of the enterprizes.  Please contact our office at 707.400.0503 for more information.
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