Connecting customers and interpreters

The On the Spot! application and the Flow platform, facilitating collaboration among operations teams, interpreters, and customers for better outcomes.

Multiple management models

Utilize On the Spot! in conjunction with your organization's vendor selection model to efficiently and effectively fulfill service requests.

Infinitely customizable

Customize workflows, employ customer-specific terminology, and share and collect required information to optimize your operations.

Remote services

If services require conference platforms like Zoom or MS Teams, On the Spot! enables instant and secure connections using embedded links.

Instant calendar updates

On the Spot! boosts management efficiency with real-time calendar updates for every appointment, streamlining logistics.


Improve data accuracy with built-in geolocation and AI review insights to enhance operational performance and scalability.

Digital signatures

For tasks demanding accountability and security, utilize digital signatures to authorize each task and streamline your quality assurance processes.